JavaScript Developer I Practice Exam

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This course contains 1 set of practice exams with 60 multiple-choice questions.

This course contains 1 set of practice exams with 60 multiple-choice questions for you to practice and master the Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification exam.

The questions are based on the following topics:

  • Variables, Types, and Collections: 23%
  • Objects, Functions, and Classes: 25%
  • Browser and Events: 17%
  • Debugging and Error Handling: 7%
  • Asynchronous Programming: 13%
  • Server Side JavaScript: 8%
  • Testing: 7%

Please be noted that the exam will not cover any Salesforce related features such as Lightning Web Component, Visualforce and etc. It will be pure JavaScript exam and the topics that are covered are listed on the list above.

The content outline can be found here: (Reviewed June 23, 2020. Next review is June 23, 2021.)

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