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Salesforce Cert is a website that offers courses to help students pass their Salesforce certification exams fast. There are over five thousand certifications being issued by Salesforce every single day and the importance of being certified is becoming more and more significant than ever. Though there are plenty of resources like trails, modules, projects, and so on available in trailhead.salesforce.com, I find them not that convenient to navigate and learn in an effective way. Since I am also preparing for the certification exam, I thought to myself, why not creating my own study guides and share it with others? And that is how I started building this website – Salesforce Cert.

With Salesforce Cert, students can focus on preparing for the certification exams as well as learning new skills and knowledge. Salesforce Cert is growing fast and will always seek for advancement and improvement.

About Issac Chua

Issac Chua is a 12x certified Salesforce enthusiast who specializes in various technical aspects, ranging from administration and development, through consulting, to architecture. Before Issac became a Salesforce expert, he was a software developer who enjoys developing apps and building websites. He is also familiar with DNS and networking, web services like AWS, system administration, and development stacks such as LAMP, NodeJS, etc. He earned his Computer Engineering degree from University at Buffalo with a GPA of 3.9/4. He is now pursuing his graduate studies at Georgia Tech.

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