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A 12x certified Salesforce Enthusiast specialized in consulting, administration, development and architecture.

Issac Chua — Founder & CEO

About the Founder

Issac Chua is the founder of Salesforce Cert. He currently owns more than 12+ Salesforce certifications specializing in administration and development, consulting, and architecture. He considers himself as a “techie” who not only enjoys learning new technologies but also likes getting hands-on with tech stuff.

Work Experience

Issac Chua has over 5+ years of work experience in tech industry. He has been in various job positions, from technical engineer to software developer, from administrator to tech leader. His easy-going personality allows him to collaborate with others at ease, his thoughtful insight and extensive experience allow him to solve real-world problems quickly.

Academic Background

Issac Chua graduates from University at Buffalo with a GPA of 3.9/4.0 with B.S. in Computer Engineering. He is currently pursuing his M.S in Computer Science graduate studies at Georgia Tech.

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